Unreal Plate Gasket

Unreal Plate Gasket

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Unreal Plate Gasket

The ORIGINAL Plate Gasket


Better Keyfeel, More Thock. Period.

Originally released 2020, this product has gone from being laser cut by hand in my basement to an essential mod for any Topre keyboard!

Made from 0.4mm poron, these Plate Gaskets eliminate any rattle of the housings and improve the keyfeel, especially with aftermarket domes that have a stronger tactile bump.

A MUST for RGB Realforce keyboarads. The notorious rattly RGB is no more, totally transforming the board into what should be expected from a Topre keyboard. The difference is night and day.

    Installs between the metal plate and the slider housings. This eliminates any housing rattles as well as providing a more solid feeling in the upstroke. It is an excellent addition to any topre keyboard.

    Provided are enough 1u, 2u and spacebar gaskets to complete a full size Realforce.


      • 0.4 mm Poron


        • Compatible with Topre and NiZ keyboards
        • Compatible with Realforce RGB Housings
        • Not compatible with the HHKB, instead use the HHKB Spacebar Stabilizer Gasket.


        • Spacebar Stabilizer Pair x1
        • 2u Stabilizer x8
        • 1u Strips x120 (Strips of 4 x30)

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