All About Topre Landing Pads [Video]

Modifying Topre Keyboards with Landing Pads

Hello everyone, BuddyOG from Unreal Keyboards here. Today, we will delve into a popular modification frequently applied in the Topre world, known as "landing pads". If you've ever heard of the MX mod known as the "Band-Aid mod", this is pretty similar. Essentially, it involves placing a buffer or pad between the stabilizer and the PCB.

When To Use Landing Pads

The landing pad mod was less inspired by the "Band-Aid mod" and more by what Topre does with their sheets of domes, where part of the rubber sheet acts as a landing pad on the stabilizer. This is less common to find on newer Topre boards. So, our task is to install these missing landing pads. This mod is applicable to all Topre keyboards, as most don't come with a sheet of domes that act as a landing pad. 

How to Install Landing Pads

Before proceeding, remember to wipe the lubricant off the bottom of the stabilizers. This is so that when they touch these pads, it's the stabilizer making contact, not the lubricant. If you don't wipe the lube off, you end up with a sticky, tacky sound instead of a nice solid landing.

Place the landing pads such that the notches align with the stabilizer housing before installing the dome. Ensure the shiny side is facing you such that it will contact the PCB after installation. The installation of a spacebar stabilizer landing pad is as simple as aligning it with the can add the domes for the stabilizers.


This simple mod takes away the harsh landing sound that a lot of Topre stabilizers have, replacing it with, what I believe Topre intended, the soft landing effect of these rubber sheets acting as landing pads. This approach was more common in older boards, but it's not commonly seen in newer ones. I assume Topre abandoned this approach for simplicity's sake.

That wraps up our quick guide on installing landing pads on your Topre keyboard. It's a great addition to any Topre board, and it'll give you a satisfying landing sound with each keystroke. So, give it a try and see the difference for yourself!