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Edited: Jan 21, 2024

I come to you with a promise of getting the most THOCK possible from your Topre keyboard! As the premier Topre Keyboard Builder since 2020, I have tuned over 150 topre boards. My work has been universally praised by my clients and I am very confident in my technique. Each board comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact me as I would be happy to take your new or old Topre to the next level!

If you wish to do it yourself I have a step by step Topre Modifications Guide for you to follow with useful videos to demonstrate each step. You can also find all the products you need on my storefront.

Typing Demonstrations:



My lubricants of choice are 205g0 on the sliders and PCB, 3203 on the stabilizer sliders, and 206g2 on the stabilizer bars. Lubricating the PCB removes the noises of the capacitive springs and domes pressing against the PCB. In the case of Deskeys Domes, it is required to lubricate the springs as well with 105 to eliminate the "spring crunch".


Unreal Plate Gasket Originally released 2020, this product has gone from being laser cut by hand in my basement to an essential mod for any Topre keyboard!

Made from 0.4mm poron, these Plate Gaskets eliminate any rattle of the housings and improve the keyfeel, especially with aftermarket domes that have a stronger tactile bump.

A MUST for RGB Realforce keyboarads. The notorious rattly RGB is no more, totally transforming the board into what should be expected from a Topre keyboard. The difference is night and day.

Installs between the metal plate and the slider housings. This eliminates any housing rattles as well as providing a more solid feeling in the upstroke. It is an excellent addition to any topre keyboard.

Before Gasket:

After Gasket:

*Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone Raw Audio

Landing Pads

Landing Pads are my take on the "band-aid" mod. They provide a soft landing for the stabilizers rather than the hard plastic of the PCB. Thin poron anding pads for the spacebar effectively reduce the harsh clack of the stabilizer bottoming out on the PCB.


I have been installing 1.8mm thick o-rings on each keycap to prevent bottoming out without affecting keyfeel and keytravel. At 1.2mm thick you can also use standard MX o-rings, but I find the thicker rings work better, especially on the stabilizer keys. I also have been utilizing these o-rings to help with the acoustics of the spacebar. Here is an example of o-rings eliminating the sound of the keycaps bottoming out.

Acoustic Dampener

To improve the acoustics of the keyboard, sorbothane is hand cut to precise dimensions to ensure 100% compatibility and carefully installed in the shell. This material absorb vibrations and fill the void in the keyboard to help improve the thockiness. Sorbothane is the world's best sound isolating material and has been used by NASA for it's anti-vibration properties.


Using an ultrasonic cleaner I will effectively remove any existing lubricant from your keyboard as well as clean your keycaps.

Custom Finishes

I work with the best shops in Massachusetts to ensure the highest quality. From hand painted designs by a renown airbrush artist to Cerakote, Powder Coat and ever chrome and brass plating. The options are endless!


    Modification Cost
    Base Cost (Disassembly, Reassembly, Testing) $65
    Lubricate Board $0.60 / Switch
    Tune Stabilizers $10 / Stab
    Lubricate Springs $15
    Install Silencing Rings $0.30 / Switch
    Install Unreal Plate Gasket $0.50 / Switch
    Install O-Rings for bottoming out keys $0.30 / Keycap
    Sorbothane Dampener $65
    Ultrasonic Clean Housings, Stems, Keycaps $35


    HHKB Full Lube and Tune

    $159 + $10 Return Shipping
    • Lube Sliders
    • Tune Stabilizers
    • Lube Conical Springs
    • Install Spacebar Gasket
    • Install Landing Pads
    • Add $65 for Sorbothane Dampener

    Return Shipping

    • USA: $10-$25
    • Canada $25-$35
    • Int: $70-85

    Turn Around Time: 2-4 weeks, no guarantees.

    Thank you to all my amazing clients who have helped me get to where I am today. Your praise brings me absolute joy and the motivation to continue. 🙏