Unreal Topre Modification Guide



A. Disassembly

  • Remove the keycaps
  • Remove the shell
  • Unscrew the PCB
  • Wearing safety glasses, remove the stems from the housings. You can use an unsharpened pencil for this.
  • Remove the stem housings. Use a jimmy and insert it between the tab on top and the metal plate. Repeat on the other tab.
  • Remove the stabilizers, including the spacebar stabilizer.
  • Disassemble the slider and stabilizer bar.

B. Preparations

  • Prepare the stabilizers:
      • DO NOT USE DIELECTRIC GREASE. This will deform stock topre domes.
      • Apply TriboSys 3203 to the surface of the stabilizer slider, including the spacebar stabilizer plunger. Apply the absolute thinnest layer that you can.
      • Do the same to the surface of the stabilizer housing where the slider comes into contact. 
      • Install topre silencing rings slipped around the slider with the shiny side up, if available.
      • Install the sliders in the housing.
      • Install the stabilizer bars.
      • Apply liberal amounts of Krytox 206g2 to where the bar acts on the slider.
  • Prepare the slider housings:
      • Apply Krytox 205g0 to the housing rails. Use the smallest amount to cover the length of the rail.
      • Install topre silencing rings, either to the underside of the housing or slipped around the slider, if available.
      • Install the slider into the housing.

C. Assembly

      • Align the Unreal Plate Gasket with the underside of the metal base plate, or install the HHKB spacebar gasket to the spacebar stabilizer housing.
      • Install the prepared housings and stabilizers housings, ensuring both sides snap into place.
      • Using 2 books, elevate the plate and housings off the table enough that the sliders are able to be in the “up” position upside down with the underside of the housings showing.
      • Place the domes on the housings. If using BKE domes, ensure the alignment carefully. An easy check is to align the crisscross pattern that the domes have for ventilation.
      • Place the capacitive springs on the housings. If using BKE domes, ensure the spring is not “snapped” into the dome but rather resting on top.
      • Place DES Landing Pads on the stabilizer housings and spacebar stabilizer housings. FC660C users should not install the spacebar landing pads.
      • Lube PCB with a “toothpaste” amount of TriboSys 3203 or other TriboSys or Krytox grease. Using your finger, apply a thin layer to cover the entire board.
      • Reassemble the PCB
      • Prepare the shell:

        Fill the case with adhesive weights.

        Fill the remaining areas with adhesive 1/8” sponge neoprene or sorbothane.

  • Replace the shell.
  • Test the keyboard.
  • Apply MX or Topre O-rings to the keycaps to prevent bottoming out of the keycaps on the plate.
  • Replace the keycaps.