Topre Modification Guide



A. Disassembly

      • Remove the keycaps
      • Remove the shell
      • Unscrew the PCB
      • Wearing safety glasses, remove the stems from the housings. You can use an unsharpened pencil for this.
      • Remove the stem housings. Use a jimmy and insert it between the tab on top and the metal plate. Repeat onthe other tab


      • Remove the stabilizers, including the spacebar stabilizer.
      • Disassemble the slider and stabilizer bar.

B. Preparations

Do NOT use DIELECTRIC GREASE or any any silicone based greases or oils. THIS WILL DEFORM TOPRE DOMES ❗


B1. Prepare the Stabilizer Sliders [Video], Bars [Video] and Spacebar [Video]

      • Apply TriboSys 3203 to the surface of the stabilizer slider, including the spacebar stabilizer plunger. Apply the absolute thinnest layer that you can.
      • Do the same to the surface of the stabilizer housing where the slider comes into contact. 
      • Install topre silencing rings slipped around the slider with the shiny side up, if available.
      • Install the sliders in the housing.
      • Install the stabilizer bars.
      • Apply liberal amounts of Krytox 206g2 to where the bar acts on the slider.

B2. Prepare the 1u Housings and Sliders [Video]

      • Apply Krytox 205g0 to the housing rails. Use the smallest amount to cover the length of the rail. 

      • Install topre silencing rings, either to the underside of the housing or slipped around the slider, if available.
      • Install the slider into the housing.

    C. Assembly

    C1. Install Plate Gasket and Housings

        • Align the Unreal Plate Gasket with the underside of the metal base plate, or install the HHKB spacebar gasket to the spacebar stabilizer housing.
        • Install the prepared housings and stabilizers housings, ensuring both sides snap into place.

    C2. Install Landing Pads [Video] and Plate Spacers

        • Using 2 books, elevate the plate and housings off the table enough that the sliders are able to be in the “up” position upside down with the underside of the housings showing.
        • Place Unreal Landing Pads on the stabilizer housings and spacebar stabilizer housings. FC660C users should not install the spacebar landing pads.
        • Place Unreal Plate Spacers on top of housings. (optional)

    C3. Install Domes and Conical Springs

        • Place the domes on the housings. If using BKE domes, ensure the alignment carefully. An easy check is to align the crisscross pattern that the domes have for ventilation.
        • Users not wanting to lubricate the PCB (C.4) or those using DES Domes with an open top (v1), lube the conical springs with a generous amount 105. Lubing one at a time is the safest way to avoid tangling up the springs.
        • Place the conical springs on the housings. If using BKE domes, ensure the spring is not “snapped” into the dome but rather resting on top.
        • Ensure the spring is as centered as possible.

      C.4 Lube and Reassemble the PCB [Video]

          • Lube PCB with a “toothpaste” amount of TriboSys 3203 or other TriboSys or Krytox grease. Using your finger, apply a thin layer to cover the entire board.
          • Reassemble the PCB starting with the silver screws. HHKB users beware of overtightening the screws as not to strip the threads.

      C.5 Install Weights and Sound Dampener

          • Prepare the shell:

            Optional: Fill the case with adhesive weights.

            For an HHKB Pro 3, install the HHKB Wool Dampener. For other topre keyboards fill the remaining areas with adhesive 1/8” sponge neoprene or sorbothane.

          • Replace the shell.

      C.6 Test the Keyboard

          • Test the keyboard.
          • If the keys do not work properly start by removing as much lube from the PCB as possible. It is important to start again from step C.3 as to avoid introducing a spring crunch that comes from leaving the domes stuck to the PCB when assembling.

      C.7 Improving Topre Stem Keycap Acoustics with O-Rings

          • Apply Topre O-rings to the keycaps to prevent bottoming out of the keycaps on the plate. Once installed they are not noticeable as they do not change the travel distance, just raise the keycap.
          • HHKB Users: Only apply 1 o-ring to the spacebar to improve the acoustics. If you have keys that "tick", you can solve the issue by installing o-rings on the keys that "tick".
          • Replace the Keycaps