Customer Feedback

Servicing Keyboards:

“[Unreal Keyboards’] work is in fact perfect. Better than I had hoped for, really incredible, seems like a wholly different board.” - * Aug '23

"[Unreal Keyboards] took extra good care of my board, and treated it like it was one of his own. He went over every single possible improvement and mod my board could use, and communicated with me every step of the way. It types like a dream now - thank you!" - hhhikikomori#1283 Jan '23

“[Unreal Keyboards] takes his time to make sure the board is as perfect as can be, no one has more experience than Buddy in Topre boards.” - The_Slim_Jim#1446 Nov '22

“There are many custom keyboard builders and services alike today, but there definitely isn't one like Unreal Keyboards. Unreal Keyboards is extremely knowledgeable about Topre keyboards with many years of experience, so you can expect any Topre dreams come true here.” - SH#1680 Nov '22

"Working with [Unreal Keyboards] was a very positive experience. I wanted my first Topre board modded and was a little undecided on what I was looking for, and he made amazing recommendations through the whole process of getting my HHKB just perfect!" - Goonit#9957 Nov '22

“[Unreal Keyboards] is the best Topre builder I’ve experienced … the extra mile and the level and attention to detail is bar none, unparalleled, and best in class.”  - chunming08#4811 Nov '22

“[Unreal Keyboards] is the only person you need to help with any Topre related questions and needs! His name came up in every online Topre community I looked in and delivered the best typing experience I've had so far.” - Young#0622 Nov '22

“[Unreal Keyboards] is the ultimate source of Topre modification in the industry. Impeccable customer service and technical knowledge. [BuddyOG] will go to the ends of the earth to make your build work.” - Martin Bui Nov '22

“I recently had my Realforce 86u modded by [Unreal Keyboards], and his work was incredible. This man is a true Topre guru and any board he touches transcends to higher plane of tactile and auditory goodness.” - /u/Acabi

"...this board is now absolutely incredible. [Unreal Keyboards's] work has elevated this board to a completely new level, I am astounded." - /u/toastytico

"Amazing, amazing job on it. Never heard an RF RGB sound this good." - /u/Frostyo4

" was skeptical at first but this is genuinely worth it. absolutely amazing job" - /u/EngageDynamo

“This guy is incredible with his custom boards and tuning. A+” - /u/__chromatically__

"Wow, exceeded all expectations. I actually cannot believe how good it feels and sounds, it's just incredible compared to what I remember. [Buddy] converted me to Topre again! If I ever get another Topre board I know who to talk to." - /u/IntrnetHteMchne

“This guy is the real deal! Don’t think twice if you’re on the fence” - /u/centennialShrine

“'s definitely the smoothest Topre board I've experienced. I maybe only slightly like my FC660c a little more (lubed and 5+ years of use now, super smooth) but the sound is bar none.” - /u/__chromatically__

“I got a HHKB from Buddy that he did similar mods to, and it was totally worth it. Really love this keyboard.” - /u/jaxxstatic

"Can vouch for the quality of Buddy's work and his integrity. I would highly recommend Unreal Keyboards if you want some nice deep thocks coming from your Topre. And if you want to do all of the modding yourself, I highly recommend following his guide to the letter." - /u/calculat3dr1sk

“Buddy was really easy to work with for my custom keyboard - he even sent me example audio for some of the options I wasn't sure on and sent me progress pics throughout the process. Really friendly guy that also knows his stuff.” - /u/drewstillwell

"I had my FC660C serviced by Buddy, including new Deskeys domes. It’s now like the platonic ideal of Topre.  Really happy with the outcome. Thanks!"/u/wilsynet

*client wishes to remain anonymous