How to Lube Stabilizers Topre Keyboards: A Step-by-Step Guide [Video]

Welcome back, keyboard enthusiasts! Buddy OG here from Unreal Keyboards, bringing you part two of our guide on how to lube your stabilizers, specifically for Realforce and Happy Hacking keyboards (Topre). In the first part, we focused on the space bar. Today, we're diving into the other stabilizers.

Tools You'll Need

To get started, you'll need a tool to remove the stabilizer bar. I personally use the iFixit "Jimmy" from one of their kits. It's not a sponsored recommendation, but it's a good tool for this job.

The Lubing Process

The key here is to fill the stabilizer with grease, ensuring it doesn't contact the outside of the slider. Remember, the outside of the slider contacts the inside of the housing, and using very thick grease can significantly change the key feel. Our goal is to silence the stabilizer bar, not alter the key feel.

Step 1: Disassemble and Apply Grease

Disassemble the slider, which has a shelf that can only be accessed in this state. Apply grade two (g2) grease here. It's crucial to avoid any silicone-based greases, as they can damage the Topre domes.

Step 2: Use the Right Grease

I recommend using a 206 grease in a syringe. Be very careful not to apply it excessively, as we don't want to change the key feel. Just enough grease where the bar acts on it is sufficient.

Step 3: Reassemble and Apply Grease to Housing

After applying the grease, put the slider back in. For good measure, you can also apply grease where the bar acts on the housing. This can be done by placing the grease on the inside.

Step 4: Fill the Elbow Area

Next, focus on the area where the bar's elbow acts. Fill this area with grease, but be careful not to get it on the sliders. The syringe is useful here to control the amount and prevent overflow.

Step 5: Clean Excess Grease

It's crucial that the grease doesn't contact the PCB or any Landing Pad you might have installed. Wipe off any excess grease to keep these areas clean.

Finalizing Your Stabilizer

Once you've completed these steps, you have a fully lubed and finalized stabilizer bar for your Realforce or Happy Hacking keyboard. This process should significantly reduce noise and improve the overall feel of your keyboard.

Remember, the goal of lubing your stabilizers is to enhance your typing experience without compromising the keyboard's inherent characteristics. Take your time with each step to ensure the best results. Happy lubing, and stay tuned for more keyboard maintenance tips from Unreal Keyboards!