The Ultimate Guide to Lubricating and Modifying Your Topre Keyboard

Are you looking to modify your Topre keyboard for that perfect key feel? Lubrication plays a crucial role in this process, and using the right products is key. In this guide, we'll delve into the best greases and lubricants for your Topre keyboard, focusing on different components such as stabilizer bars, sliders, and springs.

Understanding the Right Greases and Lubricants

Avoiding Silicone-Based Greases

For the stabilizer bar, it's essential to avoid any silicone-based dialectric grease. These can leech into Topre domes, causing them to balloon and deform.

Choosing the Right Grease for Stabilizer Bars

  • Krytox 206g2: A very popular option, all Krytox g2 Greases will work. Avoid the g0 consistancy to ensure the grease will stay in place.
  • BDZ: This is a viable option, though it's not available in a syringe. It's thick enough for sure, just be careful as this grease can easily gunk up your board if it starts to contact the sliding plungers.

The Importance of Application Method

The syringe method is crucial for filling the void where the stabilizer bar acts. This precise application is key to effective lubrication of the stabilizer bars in Topre keyboards.

Achieving Uniform Key Feel

The slider of a Topre keyboard makes substantial surface contact with its housing. For a uniform key feel, a combination of thicker and thinner greases is recommended.

  • Thicker Grease for One-Unit Sliders: Krytox's 205g0 is ideal for this part.
  • Thinner Grease for Stabilizers: A thinner grease, such as TriboSys' 3203, should be used for the outside of the stabilizer slider and the inside of the housing.

Lubricating Conical Springs and the PCB

Conical springs under the domes can benefit from lubrication as well:

  • Guide for PCB Lubrication: A guide on lubricating your PCB can help utilize one of the greases you already have, eliminating spring crunch.
  • Krytox Oil (105): This can be applied liberally to the springs. Due to their tendency to tangle, hand-lubricating rather than bag-lubricating is recommended.

Application Tips

When applying 205 and 3203 greases, aim for the thinnest possible layer. If lubricant is visible, try to wipe off as much as you can. This ensures the perfect feel when using your Topre keyboard.


Lubricating and modifying your Topre keyboard is a delicate process, but with the right tools and techniques, you can achieve a sublime typing experience. Remember, the key to success lies in the details: choosing the right lubricants, applying them correctly, and aiming for uniformity across different keyboard components.

Happy modding!