The Ultimate Guide to Lubricating Your Topre Stabilizer Sliders


Lubricating your keyboard's stabilizer sliders is crucial for a smooth and pleasant typing experience. Today, we're focusing on Topre stabilizers, renowned for their unique design and outstanding performance. This guide will walk you through the best methods to lubricate your Topre stabilizer sliders, ensuring a smooth typing experience on keyboards like the Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) and others with built-in housings.

Understanding Topre Stabilizers

Topre stabilizers are distinct in their structure, featuring a large slider with a bar that stabilizes the slider movement. Proper lubrication is key to maintaining their efficiency and longevity.

Choosing the Right Lubricant

For this tutorial, we're using Tribosys 3203, a high-quality lubricant perfect for this task. Unlike some other lubricants, like the 205g0 where the thinnest coat is completely translucent, Tribosys 3203 remains visible even when applied thinly. The goal is always to apply the lubricant as thinly as possible.

Preparing Your Tools

Syringes for Precision

I recommend using syringes for precise application. However, be cautious about buying prepackaged syringes with lubricant. Over time, the oils in lubricants can separate, so it's essential to mix them well before transferring them to the syringe.

Brushes for Application

If syringes aren't your preference, a larger brush can be a suitable alternative. Brushes are excellent for evenly spreading the lubricant. You can find suitable brushes on my website. The aim is to prep your brush to apply the thinnest possible layer of lubricant.

Step-by-Step Lubrication Process

1. Preparing the Slider

Apply the lubricant as thinly as possible to the entire outside of the slider. This ensures smooth movement within the housing.

2. Lubricating the Housing

Similarly, apply a thin layer of lubricant to the contacting interior of the slider stabilizer housing. This dual application promotes extra smoothness in the slider's movement.

3. Removing Excess Lubricant

After application, use your brush to remove any excess lubricant. This step is crucial to maintain the 'thin coat' rule.

4. Personal Techniques

Whether you're using a brush or a different tool, like a mini paint palette and spatula (Bob Ross style), the key is to maintain the thinnest possible coat. If you’re comfortable with a particular technique, feel free to use it, keeping in mind the goal of minimal lubricant application.

Finishing Up

Once you've applied the lubricant and removed any excess, you're all set. Your Topre stabilizer slider should now operate smoothly, enhancing your overall typing experience.


Lubricating your Topre stabilizer sliders might seem like a small task, but it makes a significant difference in the performance of your keyboard. Remember, the key is in the thin application of lubricant, ensuring smoothness without compromising the mechanics of your keyboard.

Happy typing!