Unreal Travel Spacers
Unreal Travel Spacers
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Unreal Travel Spacers

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Unreal Travel Spacers


Free Unreal Silencing Rings with Purchase: Enter Code "RINGS" at Checkout

Unreal Travel Spacers vs DES Dome Gaskets


✔️Adhesive backed washers prevent warping at each screw post
✔️3 viable options: #3 and #5 Silicone, #5 Silicone for Realforce RGB
✔️$2.71 International Shipping


❌No Washers resulting in screws that warp the PCB
❌4 Useless Options:
All foam versions compress meaning no travel is added to the keys.
#7 silicone is too thick to screw in place.

❌Original Price: $39
❌$12.00 Shipping


  • Add travel to your sliders.
  • Reduced travel is caused by adding Silencing Rings to Black OEM Sliders.
  • Reduced travel greater than 0.3 mm (#3) causes reduction in tactility.

Recommended Use

  • Best paired with #5 or #7 silencing rings.
  • First Time? Simply buy #3 silencing rings which do not reduce tactility.


  • Install these between the housings and domes.
  • Adhere the washers to the top of the PCB where each post makes contact.
  • Shape and thickness are well designed to fit 1u 2u and spacebar stabs.
  • 2u and spacebar stabs will soft land to PCB when this gasket added. 

Spacer Material

  • #3: 0.3 mm Silicone
  • #5: 0.5 mm Silicone


  • 1u: 108 (27 Strips of 4)
  • 2u: 8
  • Spacebar: 2

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