Topre Keycap O-Rings

Topre Keycap O-Rings

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Topre Keycaps O-Rings


Sold in a pack of 100 O-rings, or a single O-Ring for HHKB owners.


  • Eliminates Keys from unwanted bottoming out on the plate and the "clack" that happens when they do.
  • Drastically improves the sound of the spacebar.
  • Fixes keys that "click" when they are slightly touched, a common issue in Realforce keyboards.
  • There is no loss of travel.
  • There is no negative effects of the keyfeel.


  • Install on the underside of each keycap, or just the stabilizers as they are most prone to bottoming out.
  • Install on just the spacebar of the HHKB, as it is not needed on the other HHKB keys.


  • Topre keycap compatible.
  • MX Slider compatible (NOT RGB)
  • SA, MT3 keycap compatible.
  • Not compatible with GMK, ePBT, DSA keycaps.
  • Not compatible with Realforce RGB Keyboards.

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