Krytox 105 Oil 5ml Vial

Krytox 105 Oil 5ml Vial

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Recommended use for Topre keyboards: Spring ping in Topre boards can be eliminated by lubricating the capacitive springs with Krytox 105 oil.

  • 5ml is more than enough for 250 switches if applied correctly.
  • Recommended for springs or linear switches
  • Ships in a 10ml dropper bottle with childproof cap filled to 5ml (will be empty space in the top 1/2 of the bottle)

As the Krytox GPL Oils are more fluid than the grease variants, meaning it's easier to apply and is an excellent choice for linear switches. Able to reduce friction without catching too much between parts. This also means it's great to use on springs to reduce ping.

We do not accept returns for lubricants as it would be impossible to guarantee they were not tampered, contaminated, or stored improperly.

***Use Warning***

The thermal decomposition vapours of flourinated polymers may cause polymer fume fever with flu-like symptoms. Wash hands thoroughly before smoking or handling tobacco products.

Lubricant can not be cleaned with soap and water and is resistant to many solvents. 

Although the lubricant is chemically stable and non-hazardous please wear gloves and place a protective layer of drop-plastic below any working surface.  Spills are difficult to clean, and the lubricant will transfer from an operators hands to any surface they may touch.

Please clean up any accidents with a microfiber cloth.

Unreal Keyboards is not responsible for any damages which occur as a result of untrained or unsupervised use.  This chemical is for industrial use only.